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Today when people think of Community Development they think municipal bonds with fixed earnings.

TOMORROW they will think OZI Company and Intelligent Investing

For socially responsible investors with capital gains who need intelligent investment solutions, Ozi Company is America’s first Woman-Owned Opportunity Zone Investment Fund that offers FinTech driven solutions In emerging markets and real estate investment portfolios

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Green Global Solutions

OZI intelligently invests in Global Solutions that address the water crisis, sustainability, global warming, clean and renewable energy, housing, healthcare and more.


Socially Responsible Investments

Ethical and Triple Bottom Line investing bring positive change. Socially conscious investors trust OZI because we commit to SRI’s.


Social Justice and Governance

Community, shared prosperity, transperancy, and equality are key OZI values. We invest in FinTech driven SJG solutions.


Diversity and Inclusion

Women and Minority Owned businesses in

emerging markets help us achieve results, grant access to capital and impact communities. LEARN MORE

Placed Based Revitalization

OZI’s place based investments include historic preservation and economic development.


Health Care

OZI intelligently invests in companies that provide healthcare solutions to communities.


FinTech Driven Intelligent Investing

OZI Company, LLC provides Intelligent Investment Solutions in emerging markets and real estate investment portfolios with FinTech. We are America’s first Women-Owned OZ Fund to do this by using the latest technology in investment banking and portfolio management

Cathy Jackson-Gent

For three decades, Cathy Jackson-Gent has offered professional financial consulting services and support to municipal agencies in the California Bay Area, specifically the Oakland community. Initially, she used her USF Computer Science/Management Science dual degree to work in Silicon Valley. After the corporate tango, her fiduciary strengths became known and she founded Global Investment Company (GIC). As a result, GIC’s clients range from well-known political figures and large corporations to families focused on preserving wealth for future generations. Consequently, GIC continues to thrive during the lush economy, sustained through the 2008-2013 recession and is expanding its leadership role in the Bay Area community. Now, Cathy has started America’s first woman-owned FinTech driven Opportunity Zone Investment Fund, OZI Company, and is already impacting communities.

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